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As Spring recruitment for accounting positions in the Montreal Area becomes more and more important, the student committees of the city’s five universities have decided to organize, for the first time ever, a joint spring recruitment cocktail.

This grand event, similar to the CPA Cocktail held in the Fall, brings together more than 20 partner firms. Over 175 representatives will be present to network with you via 1 on 1 video, audio and text chats.

This event is an excellent opportunity for first-year students to get an internship for the summer 2022. It is also a chance for third-year students (and beyond) who do not have a CPA internship to secure a position for winter 2022. All undergraduate accounting students are invited, of course.
The event will be held from 5pm to 8pm on March 22nd for French-speaking universities and from 5pm to 8pm on March 23rd for English-speaking universities.

The event is totally free. The 15$ is a deposit to ensure your attendance and will be refunded following your participation to the event