JMAS Programs

The programs will be held throughout the semesters, where students will be able to learn how to enhance some of the essential accounting skills and other useful information needed outside of school such as Personal Finance & Tax Program.

Personal Finance & Tax

Personal Finance & Tax program took place on Facebook LIVE! However, do not fear, we posted its recorded session below. Students were able to get all the inside scoop and tips & tricks on Budgeting, Investing, Debt, Personal Taxes!

With COVID-19, the game has changed, and students like you will have to adapt to the changes!

Jonathan Mirarchi, a 2020 JMSB Accounting graduate, an Aspiring CPA, Co-founder of Tax Nimbus Canada, former competitor and coach at the Financial Open's case competition taught YOU on how to succeed on the following: 

  • Class 1: Budgeting

  • Class 2: Investing

  • Class 3: Debt

  • Class 4: Personal taxes

For more insight on this program be sure to join: JMAS Personal Finance & Tax | Facebook

This was sponsored by PSB BOISJOLI! We'd like to thank them for making this possible!